We love coffee, and we love chocolate

The Cocoa & Roast Club was born out of a love of good quality coffee, and an equal desire for excellent chocolate!

In November 2015, as a two-person team, we set up The Cocoa & Roast Club to bring coffee & chocolate to your door. But we wanted to bring you the best coffee and the chocolate that matches it perfectly so that you could enjoy a special treat every month.

The best thing about our product is not only the fantastic quality and value of the products you get each month, but the fact that you'll also be helping small businesses around the UK to grow. All of our coffee is freshly roasted by a brilliant local business in Hertfordshire and all of the chocolate comes from small, luxury chocolate businesses. 

Need more reasons to sign up?

  • Always freshly roasted coffee- you'll receive it within 6 days of roasting.
  • Perfectly matched coffee and chocolate - A unique experience every month!
  • Coffee is ground to your choice (Fine, Medium, Coarse or Wholebean).
  • We will NEVER deliver you high street coffee or chocolate.
  • You're helping small chocolatiers to grow.
  • Our ethically sourced coffee ensures coffee farms receive better profits and a higher standard of living.
  • Simple to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

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